5 Stars for The Hobbit movie

 I’ve been looking forward to seeing The Hobbit ever since I heard Peter Jackson was making it. And now it’s here … I’ve seen it … and …

It is absolutely everything I’ve hoped it would be!

I saw the 3D version – 2D was available, but I haven’t seen 3D in years. Let me tell ya, the “new” 3D is awesome, nothing like the movies I saw as a kid! I’ve heard some people say the special polarized lenses don’t work well if you wear eyeglasses, but I had no problems with mine.

And trust me, 3D is the way to see those sweeping vistas that Jackson is fond of! My only quibble … I have this phobia with heights, and some of those stunning scenes where you’re getting an eagle’s eye view of the ground, then the ground suddenly drops …

By the end of the movie, I’ve gotta admit, my stomach had taken up permanent residence in my toes.

But that’s a small price for the sheer beauty of this movie!

But it wasn’t looks alone that make this one of my “I’ve gotta go see this again!” picks for 2012. As with Lord of the Rings, Jackson is true – mostly – to Tolkien’s book in making The Hobbit. Where he has strayed is in minor changes to the book, and some additional scenes that more firmly tie The Hobbit to Tolkien’s later masterpiece.

It totally works. There’s a scene, for example, involving Gandalf and Saruman, and you catch hints of the traitor that Saruman will later prove to be … For me, Jackson’s changes improve the tale.

If you go to this movie, prepare to be sitting for a while. It’s three hours long. I’ve got to say, I was so caught up in the action that I didn’t notice the time until afterward. Also, if you haven’t heard, The Hobbit – like LOTR – is a trilogy. I don’t have a problem with this, except –

I do hate waiting for the next installment!

Here’s how much I like this movie overall – in case my 5-star rating hasn’t clued you: I’m already planning to see it again. If you’re a Tolkien fan – if you’re a fan of epic fantasy – I recommend this movie to you.

Yes, I’m in love with Peter Jackson as a director, and I thank him for giving us The Hobbit – just in time for Christmas!


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I'm a native of Tyler, Texas, formerly of Rockport and Corpus Christi - setting for my Portals books - before moving to Sheridan, WY. A newspaper reporter with more than 30 years' experience, I started my first Portals novel (Shadow Path) in 2006. Four of my fantasy/detective novels have been published to date, more are in the works. I share my life with three dogs and a cat - all rescues - read voraciously and research Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse pedigrees as a hobby.
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6 Responses to 5 Stars for The Hobbit movie

  1. Pat thanks for that I’m so looking forward to seeing the movie. It comes out here in Aussie on Wednesday (Boxing Day) and we already have our tickets and are seeing it in 3D, can’t wait only 3 sleeps to go.

  2. I think you’re going to love it! And you’re welcome. I don’t usually review movies, but The Hobbit is just so awesome-good that I felt like I had to share! I’d love to hear from you after you’ve seen it.

  3. Pat, please take a look at my Hobbit review if you haven’t already! I thought the movie was great, but it wasn’t true enough to the book for me; I’d rather watch the Hobbit I know and love, though Freeman is great! Alas, you make the 3D version sound so wonderful! After half an hour of watching 3D movies, I begin to get a most awful headache! Perhaps it’ll be worth it, I’ll see!

    • Hi, datbookreviews – and thanks for stopping by! I was concerned about the 3D thing, since I wear glasses, but then … my fears were based on the old-style 3D. Don’t know if your experience is based on those or the newer model, but for me, the newer model was like looking through those stereoscopic viewers that I enjoyed as a kid. Anyway, if you do try the 3D version, I hope it’s a good experience for you!

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