Today it is truly my pleasure to host author Jade Kerrion, a 5-Star master of science fiction, and her delightful book, Earth-Sim. (She’ll be back later this week to talk about When the Silence Ends – more on that well … later.) For now, meet the author, learn about her and Earth-Sim – and see my review at the end of this post.

Author: Jade Kerrion
Guest Post Title: Earth-Sim: Spoof or Serious?

Readers frequently ask me, “Is Earth-Sim a spoof or is it serious?”
My answer is, “Yes.”

Okay, I realize the answer isn’t immediately helpful. Perhaps I should explain.
On the one hand, Earth-Sim deals with serious life topics. Jem Moran is a college student with a reputation to prove and a secret to protect. The prestigious world simulation program seems the answer to both her problems, but only if she can succeed in spite of her teammate, Kir Davos. The “serious” themes in this Young Adult/New Adult science fiction novel include coming to terms with our true identify in spite of the facades we display to the world. The novel highlights the value of strong cross-gender platonic friendships, and wrestles with the difficulty of maintaining them. It emphasizes the fact that we all bring something of value to the table, and celebrates the diversity of approaches in dealing with problems.

On the other hand, Earth-Sim showcases Earth’s history in a seamless blend of popular culture, science, and religion. Fact and fiction fit together into a jigsaw puzzle that explains the extinction of the dinosaurs, the ten plagues of Egypt, and the Black Death. Did you want to know the truth about the Loch Ness Monster, the city of Atlantis, and that flying boy with the red cape?

That’s in Earth-Sim too.
Although presented as a whimsical and often irreverent romp through the history of Earth and its connection with the universe, Earth-Sim is a treasure trove of real information. You may recognize most of the references, but if there’s something you don’t recognize that you think might actually be a historical event or a pop culture reference, you can check Google or Wikipedia, or just send me a note.
Either way, you finally have someone to blame for the shape our world is in.

Earth-Sim: The Blurb

What reviewers are saying: 5 Stars! “What a fantastic book by Jade Kerrion, it grabbed me from the very first page…Ms Kerrion’s writing is exciting and well paced to keep you wanting to know more…”

Jem Moran has a reputation to prove and a secret to protect. The prestigious world simulation program seems the answer to both her problems, but only if she can succeed in spite of her partner, Kir Davos, and the uncooperative human beings who populate her planet. From the Great Extinction to the Renaissance, from world wars to intergalactic treaties, Jem’s conflict with Kir will shape Earth’s history, and their opposing management styles will either save or doom our planet.

Either way, you finally have someone to blame for the shape our world is in.
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About the author:

Jade Kerrion unites cutting-edge science and bioethics with fast-paced action in her award-winning Double Helix series. Perfection Unleashed and its sequels, Perfect Betrayal and Perfect Weapon, have been described as “a breakout piece of science fiction” and drawn rave reviews for their originality and vision. Her novel When the Silence Ends is a Young Adult spinoff the Double Helix series. She is also the author of Earth-SimEarth-Sim , a whimsical and compelling view of Earth’s history through the eyes of the two students assigned to manage our planet.

Connect with Jade Kerrion:

on her blog:

Earth-Sim, My Review:

Imagine our world – our universe – as a computer simulation designed as a project for university students.
That’s the premise of Jade Kerrion’s Earth-Sim – and a fantastic, fascinating premise it is! Jem Moran and another student at Itibar University are partners in a multiyear experiment to develop a planet into “a world worth living in.”
It’s a competition as well – Moran and her partner, Kir Davos, pitted against other students who also have been given planets to manage and … well … grow into viable entities. It just so happens that Moran and Davos are dealing with a third world out from its sun … a “wreck” of a planet thanks to a summer of neglect after the project’s start the previous year …
It’s the creation of the Earth as a classroom exercise. Kerrion condenses all of our planetary and human history into an academic year, a wild and bumpy year as Moran and Davos struggle with mass extinctions, natural and unnatural disasters – and each others’ conflicting ideas of how a planet should be managed.
Kerrion weaves geologic and Biblical history through her narrative – the evolution of dinosaurs, birds and mammals, the tweaking of promising life-forms to create humans that are very much “in the image” of the inhabitants of Moran’s and Davos’ world. Who knew that the Biblical flood was the result of a spilled drink? Or that a carelessly placed cup created crop circles?
Interwoven in all of this is the secondary mystery of Moran’s true identity – and a family tragedy as compelling as Moran’s drive to win the university competition. Earth-Sim’s ending, while entirely satisfying, still leaves some questions unanswered – a door open to the possibility of a sequel.
I certainly hope that will be the case. I want more – much more – of this story.
In the meantime, I give Earth-Sim 5 stars and a thumb’s up, and I enthusiastically recommend it!


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  1. Lalo says:

    Great article! I know Jade Kerrion never disappoints! I’m looking forward to another great book from her.

  2. It was such a great book, I absolutely loved it

  3. A fabulous book – and now I’m reading When the Silence Ends.

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