Do All Authors Have Cats?

 The question came up in an Amazon discussion group, and – I wonder … Probably not all authors have cats, but I suspect a lot of us do.

Yeah. Us. I’m one of the “cat people.”

I’m a “dog people,” too. In fact, I’ve been a companion to dogs far longer than to cats. But in addition to three dogs, my household currently includes one cat – Mozart, a tortoiseshell – and there have been others in years past: Sanji, a Maine coon who fully lived up to the breed’s reputation as a “gentle giant.” Marion, a winsome little calico who could charm her way into anyone’s heart. Shen Shen, a mostly-Siamese who was the model for Kat’s feline companion Hatshepsut in my Portals books. And others … Robin (aka Robin Hood Pud) … Muffin … Attiba …

The list goes on …

I’m in good company. Emily Bronte was owned by a cat. Mark Twain reportedly was companion to several. Robert Graves, Ray Bradbury and H.G. Wells had cats.

They weren’t the only ones.

Cats (I think) lend themselves especially well to science fiction and fantasy and detective novel themes. They’re creatures of the night, of mystery. They can (ask anyone who keeps company with a cat) disappear for hours on end – and reappear as quietly, and as suddenly, as they departed.

In my own Portals books – which prominently feature Simon and Hatshepsut, felines laying claim to my human detective Kat Morales – I offer the theory that they go Between – a dimensionless but infinite space that separates our human world from the adjacent Realms of Magic.

Of course this presupposes an ability to teleport or transport – or maybe a combination of both.

What else would you expect from a cat?

What about you? If you’re a writer, are you owned by a cat or two? Or more? If you’re a reader, do you count cats among your companions?

If you’re a dog person, come share that too. Dogs and cats don’t have to fight like … well … the proverbial cats and dogs. There’s room for us all …


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About plblairportals

I'm a native of Tyler, Texas, formerly of Rockport and Corpus Christi - setting for my Portals books - before moving to Sheridan, WY. A newspaper reporter with more than 30 years' experience, I started my first Portals novel (Shadow Path) in 2006. Four of my fantasy/detective novels have been published to date, more are in the works. I share my life with three dogs and a cat - all rescues - read voraciously and research Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse pedigrees as a hobby.
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4 Responses to Do All Authors Have Cats?

  1. Hi PL what a great post, I love dogs too we had them when I was a kid, but I’m definitely a cat person. Have two beautiful Maine Coons, they are half brother and sister, same dad different mothers. Our boy is called Tobiah Tiger Cat and is white, black and silver. Our girl is Katya Snow Queen and she is silver/blue. Before them we had a gorgeous girl part Russian Blue and she lived until 20.

  2. Thanks, Katya! I adore Maine coons. Sanji was my first and, to date, only exemplar of the breed. But he was a beautiful, loving boy … I lost him earlier this year from complications of old age. There’s a little of his personality, though not his gorgeous good looks, in Simon, Kat’s other feline companion.

  3. datbookreviews says:

    I have a Silver Tabby, ‘Sky’ and a young normal tabby, ‘Boris’. I also have two springer spaniels. I’d say in a dog person really.

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