National Dog Week

 It’s National Dog Week. Have you hugged your dog today?

Okay, the two detectives in my Portals books have feline, not canine, companions, but my personal life has always revolved around dogs. Not that I don’t adore cats too – and my current feline, Mozart, is sleeping behind me as I type this morning.

But from as far back as I can remember, my earliest four-footed friends were dogs. And though I’m slave to one cat at present (old maxim – don’t remember who wrote it: “Dogs have masters; cats have slaves”), I’m current companion to three dogs.

Dogs are about as close as many of us humans get to the real meaning of “unconditional love.” They accept us for who we are, what we are … Warts and all, they love us. They forgive us when we don’t deserve it. When we’re at our worst, they don’t judge us – and by their very devotion, remind us that we can be better. That we can do better.

All three of my current “kids” have been rescued. So has Mozart, for that matter. I’ve been an advocate of rescuing animals since around 1994 when I adopted my first basset hound, Nikki.

I’ve also been a huge fan of basset hounds since then. As a friend of mine says, often, “Basset hounds are like potato chips. You can’t stop at just one.” My current family includes a basset hound, a long-haired mostly-dachshund (yeah, I have this thing for long-bodied, short-legged dogs) and what I call my “jackrabbit terror.”

The “JRT” is the newest addition to the group – adopted when I was down in South Texas. She’s the standout in the crowd: long legs and crazy-wild hair that goes every-which-way like a perm gone seriously wrong.

I’m not happy without my dogs. I’m grateful for a current lifestyle that lets me work at home, with them – and the cat – all sort of draped around, mostly sleeping, while I’m at the computer. Dogs are a calming presence. It’s a fact that the act of petting a dog will lower your blood pressure and heart rate. People with dogs – or other pets – overall tend to live longer and healthier lives than those without.

It’s National Dog Week. Go hug your dog today.


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About plblairportals

I'm a native of Tyler, Texas, formerly of Rockport and Corpus Christi - setting for my Portals books - before moving to Sheridan, WY. A newspaper reporter with more than 30 years' experience, I started my first Portals novel (Shadow Path) in 2006. Four of my fantasy/detective novels have been published to date, more are in the works. I share my life with three dogs and a cat - all rescues - read voraciously and research Thoroughbred and American Quarter Horse pedigrees as a hobby.
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